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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson
Radio Broadcast "Herbal Talk Live"
Crusad Rradio Each Saturday 9:00 am EST
WEGO 1000 Concord, NC

From Rollye James Show
"Wendy in North Carolina told a dreadful family court story where an abused wife was ordered by a judge to attend joint counseling with her ex husband, at the expense of the husband's insurance. Problem is multi-fold-- for one the insurance company doesn't cover it-- and won't cover her at all (the ex husband is remarried). So the ex wanted her to falsify documents to get it covered-- she said, no way --and is in contempt of court. It's an ongoing saga, but Wendy's friend (the woman in this situation) needs help. If you can provide it,

Wendy's email address is

Clearly she needs a good lawyer. I can't believe she won't prevail with the right counsel. But then again, a day doesn't go by that I don't marvel at some decisions-- especially when child protective services is involved. Speaking of which, Wendy also passed along a link regarding your rights in CPS cases-- it's" -- Rollye James

You can help this lady by contacting
NC Department of Justice Attorney Roy Cooper
919-716-6780 email
Case #01CVD0987
Domestic Violence victim under GSChapter 15C
Address Confidentiality Program

Judge Licensing Board of NC
P.O. 1122
Raliegh, NC 27602
Judge April Wood Iredell Co. Court
Case #01CVD0987

Topic DFS/CPS Parasites and Contemptible Courts

These Orwellian TImes
10am Central Times
Crusade Radio

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