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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Archie and Marty Lambeth

Archie Lambeth
Vietnam Veteran
Agent Orange

Archie Lambeth looked like a pushover to the DFS/CPS
when he applied to adopt his nephew who had been kidnapped
by the State, so they strung him along, forced him to jump through
all their hoops then told him to go away. Archie did not go away.
Archie insisted the DFS/CPS follow the law.
Then DFS/CPS did what they do best.
They kidnapped Archie and Marty's Daughter and Son

At a recent hearing Marty Lambeth ,asked that the DHS/CPS permit
her daughter to wear her hair long for religious reasons.
The DHS/CPS was enraged.
The judge told DHS/CPS thiat he would rule on the hair length
of the child when Mister Lambeth had signed an incriminating statement

Dont't miss the Lambeth's report on the latest spy technology
now being used by Police and DHS/CPS !

Topic DFS/CPS retribution by kidnapping children

From: Archie Lambeth
Parental Rights are special "fundamental rights" under Constitution.
These decisions affirm that there is a "realm of family life which the
state cannot enter without substantial justification.
Prince v. Massachusetts, 321U>S> 158, 166.

Recently (on June 5, 2000), after nearly 100 years of consistent
support for Parental rights, the court stated: The liberty interest
at issue... the interest of parents in the care, custody, and control
of their children --is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty
interest recognized by this court... It cannot now be doubted
that Due Process Clause of the Fourth Amendment protects the
fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the
care, custody, and control of their children"
Troxel v. Granville, 530 US 2000 (99-138).

These Orwellian Times
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