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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mary Connors

Mary Conners

My mother was abducted from an Alzheimer's Day Club
in Ca. I cared for her in Ca. for over a yr.
I know of others in a number of states. These elders
are prisoners in there own country and the fruits of a
ifetime of labor are stolen usually this includes being
isolated from family. This atrocity needs to be exposed.

I am ashamed to be American.
My name is Mary. I have a legitimate durable
Power of Attorney which was ignored along
with all the evidence of crimes committed against
Grace, my mother and myself."

" My mother is locked up for 3 yrs. BY A common
Every single right is taken and all money ,
property, family contact; you are no longer
a person, just a "ward". My mother is isolated,
felony crimes surpressed and criminals rewarded
with the takings, then the state came in and
took her and all the rest|"

Topic State Officials Traffic In Elders

These Orwellian Times
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