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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sergeant Kevin Benderman,
Monica Benderman

Sergeant Kevin Benderman, U.S. Army
Monica Benderman
Sgt. Kevin Benderman and his wife,
Monica. Photo: CNN

"Having watched and observed life from the standpoint of
soldier for ten years of my life, I always felt there was no
higher honor than to serve my country and defend the
values that established this country. My family has a history
of serving this country dating back to the American Revolution
and I felt that to continue on in that tradition was the honorable
thing to do. "

" I cannot tell anyone else how to live his or her life but I have
determined how I want to live mine - by not participating in
war any longer, as I feel that it is stupid and also that it i
s against everything that is good about our world. "

My Husband Was Ordered to Shoot at Small Children Who Threw Rocks

Topic A Matter Of Conscience
"We want our country back.. the America we grew up loving"

These Orwellian Times
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