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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ginger Berlin
June Maxam

Ginger Berlin and June Maxam
The Empire Journal
New Hope in Schiavo case
Also, Judge Greer issues latest denial, says Terri Schiavo
not entitled to independent counsel, guardian ad litem,
that her due process rights have not been violated
and that he's God
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Judicial Tyranny in Florida
Upholds Death Order
Judge Rules Terri Schiavo Not Entitled
To Indpendent Legal Counsel; Guardian Ad Litem
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DCF Files, Documents at Issue
Florida House Could Impeach Schiavo Judge
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DCA Can't rewrite Judicial Canons
Legal Action Anticipated
Schiavo Judge Prohibited From Being Guardian
SOMEONE must immediately file a formal complaint
against Greer now for violation of Judicial Canon
5(E) 1 and 2
Click [HERE]

Rescue Effort
Press Conference To Discuss Efforts
To Rescue Terri Schiavo
Randall Terry to Coordinate
Click [HERE]

Protesters Gathering In Florida
To Rescue Terri Schindler-Schiavo
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Domestic Violence
Pattern of Domestic Abuse
Appears in Schiavo Case;
Call Renewed for Grand Jury
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Religious Issue Headed to Supreme Court
Emergency Stay of Execution
Requested in Schiavo Case
Dates Set for Deposition of Michael Schiavo and mistress
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Judicial Tyranny Assailed
Constitutional Showdown Looming
In Florida Schiavo Case
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Florida Attorney General
Discriminating in Schiavo Case
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Law Mandates Bush to Remove Greer
Records: No Judicial Statement
Gov. Bush Mandated By Statute
To Remove Schiavo Judge
Click [HERE]
Govenor Jeb Bush
Phonel 850-488-4441 or

AG Charles Crist
Phone 850-414-3300
Fax 850-410-1630.

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Topic The State Of Florida v Terri Schindler

These Orwellian Times
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