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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Ken Mullinax

Monday 18 April 2005

Ken Mullinax

When Mae Magourik's Nephew
Ken Mullinax learned that Mae
was being tortured to death on the
orders of her Granddaughter,
Beth Gaddy, "Grandmamma
is old and I think it is time
she went home to Jesus.
She has glaucoma,
and now this heart problem
and who would want to live
with disabilities like these? "
he contacted Friends of Terri on the
net who began exposing the crime via
email, websites, blogs and radio.
The resulting publicity forced the freeing of
Mae Magourik from the Slaughterhouse / Hospice
and the recusal of the Greer wannabe
judge, Donald Boyd.

For updates on this and other
State Authorized Torture Killings

These Orwellian Times
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Crusade Radio

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