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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Ron Panzer

Tuesday April 12 2005

Ron Panzer
Founder Hospice Patients Alliance
Phone 616 866-9127

"The ultimate and most horrific violation
of patient rights is to have your life snuffed out
in a health care setting, and we are working to stop
these abuses now! When the unjust judges,
slick attorneys, unjust laws and cowardly
elected officials betray the very heart of
our nation, we must speak out
and never stop till justice is restored to our nation".
- Ron Panzer

"You can kill just about anyone
if you get a doctor to order them into hospice".
-- Ron Panzer

Topic Hospice, Mae Magouirk, Eldercide

These Orwellian Times
10 am Central Time
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