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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bush Takes Cannon Fodder
To New Level

GP: Well yeah, it's kind of all war, all the time
- economy -- hoping that that will save our
economy. And some of the goofy things they
are doing, for example, one of the big projects
-- our government is now busting the budget
to order three dozen Virginia class nuclear
submarines. These are supposed to attack
Soviet subs. Well there aren't any Soviet subs.
There is no Soviet Union. So what they are
doing is making them war on terror machines
to fight the war on terror. But they are loading
these billion dollar babies with are torpedoes
- listen to this one Alex, you'll love this one
- torpedoes, which will be filled with nine Marines.
I don't know where they are going to get the
volunteers for the torpedo. We are going to fight
the war on terror by landing Marines, Navy Seals
and Marines on the beaches. Israelis do this type
of command operation; they use canoes.
We are going to use a $1.6 billion submarine to
fire torpedoes filled with Navy Seals.
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