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Monday, August 29, 2005

Censors Would Still Your Voice

Taxing The Internet Out Of Existence

".... the crack down on e-mail and/or e-commerce is about to commence."

"They have set-up a "Do Not Contact" registry. Anyone may add e-mail addresses, instant messaging addresses and/or telephone numbers to this registry. Under their law, anyone who sends spam or legitimate e-mails to anyone on the registry is guilty of a felony. If convicted, senders could be fined up to $5000 per message (only up to $30,000) and serve one-to-three years in prison. But, don't fret, anyone sending e-mail can pay a flat monthly fee (tax) every 30 days to assure their e-mail is bumped with the registry and remains legal."

Relying on our legal system to protect this form of free speech is like relying on Hannibal Lector to babysit your children on an empty stomach."

"It is only the legitimate e-mailers that would face felony charges."

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