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Sunday, August 14, 2005

De-Neuralizing Populations

Eradicating Awareness
How it is being done now to you and your family

Level One: The Effects Of Parental Bonding
Level Two: The Effects Of Breast Feeding
Level Three: The Effects Of Out-Come Based Education
Level Four: The Effects Of Television And Computer Use
Level Five: The Effects Of Vaccine Damage
Level Six: The Effects Of Excitotoxins; Aspartame & MSG
Level Seven: The Effects Of Illegal CPS/DSS Abductions
Level Eight: Instances And Statistics Of Severe Trauma Deliberately Induced
Level Nine: Forced Psychotropic Drug Use And Associated Damage
Level Ten: Mental Illness Screening Program
Level Eleven: Subjegation Of Entire U.S. Population

An Attack on Consciousness]

posted by Vetzine


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