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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Final Foe

Do you hear a distant trumpet
Can you hear a clarion call
Or stand you idly dreaming,
And hear no tone at all

Do you feel the earth a'tremble
As your enemies assemble
With war horse hooves abounding
And with challenge fierce resounding

Do you see the sunrise gleaming
On their spears and banners streaming
Can you hear the crashing rattle
Of the war drums call to battle
Or do you sleep, my friend,
And droop your head withal

For while we slept upon our grave
And to the foeman 'vantage gave
We sowed therein which we must reap,
The harvest of our slothful sleep

By traitors led, by traitors sold
For bloodstained chests of traitor's gold

Australians rise or rise no more
For death is nigh the fatal shore
Honour now your fathers' blood
For freedom shed in crimson flood

Yet honour Him above all things
The Lord of Lords and King of Kings
For if we do He will abide
And He will stand and turn the tide

Do you hear a distant trumpet
Can you hear a clarion call
Or stand you idly dreaming
And hear no tone at all?

Martin Lear

posted by Vetzine


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