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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina And
The Weather Wars

On Tuesday November 30 04
Scott Stevens, TV Weatherman
and Iconoclast appeared on

These Orwellian Times Net Radio Broadcast


"A battle in the skies is waged daily. Some battles are won and others lost. We yet know not which. For years this massive global project has been under way, but only now is it making it to the forefront of the consciousness of those with curious minds. These open minds know that every belief system fails; and only fails, under the weight of new truthful information. This is how progress is made, slowly and often only with the passing of a generation of humankind."

"The alarm bells are ringing, it is time to wake-up."

Chemtrails, Weather Politics, Weather Wars

"These Orwellian Times"

posted by Vetzine


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