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Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Will Not Perish In this House
We Will Survive

September 21, 2005

"We will not perish in this house, we will survive."
Those were the words that were shared with me
yesterday after having a long telephone conversation
with Rechell Carter, a 41 year old single mother
who survived for three days in an attic with her
14 year old daughter Brianna, her elderly parents, and
six other people after their home was flooded in
Violet, Louisiana


The comfort of knowing they had survived
the hurricane without much damage was
interrupted by the sound of a woman's
voice on a megaphone coming down the
street. The voice had yelled,
"Mandatory evacuation, expect 15 to 20 feet of water."


She said, about 40 minutes had gone by since first
hearing the lady on the megaphone in the police car,
when all of a sudden she heard a very loud explosion.
"It sounded like a big boom, like something had been blown up."
Rechell explained that she and her family did not know
what caused the explosion.


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