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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thought Police
Bush Bribes Schools
To Spy Chip And
Taser Torture Kids

[ "non-cooperative" identification and tracking is preferred ]

"... non-cooperative identification system captures and tracks
personal or biometric data automatically, without a person
knowing that they have been screened by a surveillance system."

[ "low-level force devices."]

"New York City Detective Kevin Czartorysky says low-level force, or
non-lethal devices currently used by law enforcement include batons,
mace, pepper spray, beanbag launchers, and Taser electroshock
weapons. "

" ... the US Department of Justice is quietly enticing school districts to implement controversial technologies that monitor and track students."

Is this school in Houston Texas being bribed to Spy Chip,Track, Trace And Taser Kids?
Spring Independent School District 16717 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77090-4299 Phone: 281.586.1100 Fax: 281.586.1141

Assistant Superintendent Stuart Snow

posted by Vetzine


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