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Friday, January 13, 2006

Moonie Mexican Report

A young Mexican couple in Guadalajara began collecting
a few abandoned children off the streets and out of the
sewer tunnels. They wanted to save some children.
So armed with very little money they came to the
mountain in Chapala last year and bought a little house.

Starting off with about twelve children.
Dire poverty situation....
but that was last year.News of this little house soon
spread and people came to help.

There are four adults there now....and thirty five
children. A group of people are trying to get them
out of poverty. We have all kinds of help, the
norte Americanoes here are very generous
with thier time and labour,
the thing we dont have is money

This very brave young couple need help just for
everyday survival. It will happen, but the house has
to be organized,and that takes money.

I have some photos on a disc, and a friend of mine
will send it to you for me.

I am a total novice to the computor...I havent got
over the withdrawel symptons of not licking
the glue at the back of the stamp yet.
I am sure I will be OK when I grow up.

I just thank you all for your interest in Mexican children.

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