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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Cutting Through
By Alan Watt

Welcome to Cutting Through the Matrix . com. This is the initial attempt to bring out the necessary information for the people of today. For now, it's just the basics, to help wake up the individuals searching for truth. We will attempt to show the matrix of power which currently runs the world and has done so for thousands of years. Most every website and book out there will only give the reader a partial view of history and the agenda of the ruling elite, if even partially correct. Each is limited by the intention and belief system(religion) of the author. Those who rule know that knowledge is power, and real knowledge in the hands of the mass(in their words, the "profane") would bring destructive consequences to their control structure and the caste system. That's why nearly everything in print(that includes the internet), has been carefully selected and targeted to reach the public, where it is eagerly consumed and regurgitated as the "conclusion" of the average person. So the intent of this website is to show what has not been shown, in a way that can bring the participant in full view of the reality in which they live.
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