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Monday, July 31, 2006

Robert M. Brantley for Statehouse Representative 137th Legislative Distric Missouri

I am running for office because nobody who is currently elected represents me, my family, my friends, or my neighbors.

If you want a job done correctly then do it yourself!

The only way to change a broken system is to immerse oneself into the system and get to work.

As judges and legislators have failed to protect my family in our struggle they are also failing to protect others. Government agencies are no longer held accountable to the people they are supposed to serve and our locally elected leaders seem willing to do everything except represent the people who put them in office. They are part of the problem.

From being Railroaded by Springfield City Officials at the Broadway Crossing to being denied proper medical care it is fairly apparent that no one truly represents the people of Northwest Springfield.

We can stand on the sidelines and feel sorry for ourselves or we can swallow pity and replace it with pride. We can sit in our living room and argue with the television news mouth piece or we can walk out of our homes and band with our neighbors. We can be ashamed and fearful of what others might think about rumor and innuendo or we can force the issue and work towards understanding.

I am not ashamed because of rumors or what detractors may say about me. I would be ashamed if I let these things keep me from speaking up.

I am not afraid of having those things I hold most dear attacked. I have been fighting for my family for years.

Most importantly, I am not willing to set on the sidelines and allow those things I value most to be destroyed. I am not willing to stand by and be trod upon by others who have no interest in the welfare of my family, my neighbors, or my friends.

The only way we can change our lives is if we take personal responsibility for our past, present, and collective future and lead from the front.

This is what I have chosen to do.

Robert M. Brantley
For Statehouse Representative
137th Legislative Distric Missouri

Please send your couple of bux and let your friends whose children have been stolen by the state know that he is running.

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