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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Alan Watt


"Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME"

By Alan Watt

A 2 Hour DVD presentation on world events and where we
are, where we're going and the forces guiding us along a
historical, researchable definitive plan. A little tragedy, a
little hope and a wee bit of humor.

Click here to order:

The Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory

As you and your family huddle around the blue glow
of the Electronic Camp-fire, Your Tinfoil Hats firmly in place,
Overhead the Black Helicopters flap, flap through the
Chemtrail gloom, do you ever wonder how it came to this?

Have you ever wondered where it might go?

On Wednesday the 29th of March 06 Rollye James of
The Rollye James Radio Show hosted Canadian Historian
Alan Watt who presented an overview of conspiracy history from the 1500s to date. along with some projections for the future

The three hour broadcast is available for download at Watt's
Website in three sections. Click here for this and many more free audio downloads:

Alan Watt


Contact Information:

To send email to Alan Watt:
alanwattcuttingthrough at

Mailing Address:

Alan Watt
Site 41 Box 4
Estaire, Ontario, Canada
P3E 4N1

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