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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bunny, the Whistleblower's, Sweet Revenge (Video)

Whistleblower Bunnatine Greenhouse, who was demoted from her job as the top civilian procurement officer for the Army Corps of Engineers for complaining about a no-bid government contract awarded to Halliburton, was justifiably feeling good in this interview with NOW's David Broncaccio.

Her jubilation was the result of the decision this week not to renew the Halliburton contract which was has been mired with accusations of fraud and mismanagement from the start.

Here are 10 things we know for sure:

1. DICK Cheney was CEO of Halliburton until he joined the Bush ticket in 2000

2. Before taking office, Cheney had outgoing Defense Secretary William Cohen brief Bush on our different Iraq options.

3. Bunny demoted for contesting huge no-bid contract

4. Despite denials of any involvement by DICK, an email from the Army Corps of Engineers (obtained through FOIA) stated, "We anticipate no issue [with the Halliburton deal] since the action has been coordinated w VP's office"

5. The biggest advocate for the war in Iraq was VP DICK who Bob Woodward described as a "powerful, steamrolling force" for war.

6. Halliburton's Iraq revenues have skyrocketed from nothing to about $17 billion since beginning of war.

For more and to watch the video, click on this link, scroll down to this video and click on "more" to read all of the text:

Or, click on this link:

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