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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Consumers Beware:
Dangerous Levels of Arsenic Found
in Non-Organic Chicken

From: Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy

PRESS RELEASE April 5, 2006
Press contact
Ben Lilliston
(612) 870-3416 or

Arsenic Widespread in Chicken, Testing Finds

Avoidable arsenic commonly added to chicken feed;
Arsenic-free chicken available

Minneapolis ­

Brand name chicken products sold in American supermarkets and
fast food restaurants are widely contaminated with arsenic, according to
independent test results released today by
the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).

Testing of 155 samples from uncooked supermarket
chicken products found 55 percent carried detectable
arsenic. Arsenic was more than twice as prevalent in
conventional brands of supermarket chicken as in
certified organic and other ³premium² brands.

All 90 fast food chicken products tested by IATP
also contained detectable arsenic.

The full (IATP) report can be read at:

To find out the brand name chicken products
tested by IATP and to read more, click here.

From Organic Consumers

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