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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Illegal Aliens Fly Mexican Flag Over US Post Office in CA
With PICS & VIDEOS Of This and the Protest

Mexican Flag Flies
at U.S. Post Office
Old Glory Stamped on in Protest
by Backers of Illegal Immigration

Posted: August 29, 2006
10:48 p.m. Eastern

Backers of illegal immigration at a rally near Los Angeles took down an American flag at a U.S. post office, stamped on it and replaced it with a Mexican flag as police looked on, according to witnesses and a video of the event.

Police officers in Maywood, Calif., Saturday eventually came to the pole to remove the flag but had bottles and rocks thrown at them, a radio listener named Sandra reported to the Terry Anderson show, heard on KRLA in Los Angeles.

A video can be viewed here, and photographs can be seen here on the website of Save our State, a border-security group represented there along with the Minutemen to protest Maywood declaring itself a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens.

The radio listener, volunteering for Save our State, said that when she arrived at the rally she was rushed by counter-protesters who called out, "Death to the Minutemen."
Sign at protest in Maywood, Calif. (courtesy: Bridget Johnson)

"They pushed me around and told me if I was to take one step further, they would beat the s*** out of me," Sandra said. "I looked to the back of me and there were about four police officers leaning on their vehicle just watching, doing nothing!"

As she stepped forward, Sandra said, the counter-protesters stole her sign and ripped it up as another threw water on her.

A police officer eventually escorted her to her group.

The opposition, she said, began to get louder, and then "we watched as they took the American flag off of the flag pole and stepped on it on the ground at the United States post office and mounted a Mexican flag, and up it went."

At this point , she said, "the police did nothing."

"Finally, they went over to take it down, and they had bottles and rocks thrown at them," she said. "They did not attempt to arrest anyone. They were unable to take it down because they cut the wrong line so the flag remained there for the rest of the day."

Sandra said that as police officers watched, another woman was beaten, as well as an elderly man, noting the counter-protesters "tend to pick on the weaker targets."

"I believe that all Americans need to know about this and need to see that Mexican flag hanging at an American post office," she wrote to Anderson. "We are being invaded and the American people need to wake up!"

Read more here:

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Illegal Aliens Fly Mexican Flag Over US Post Office
August 29, 2006 09:41 AM EST

By Sher Zieve – During a SaveOurState rally in Maywood, CA on Saturday, a group of illegal aliens and their supporters removed the US flag from a US post office and replaced it with the Mexican flag. A group of approximately 200 illegal-supporters carrying signs reading “We are the only legal owners of this continent” protested 70 anti-illegal immigrant supporters.

ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee) reports that there were multiple assaults on SaveOurState members and at least 4 of their vehicles were damaged. One of the SaveOurState members said: “What we are seeing now is a total systematic breakdown of the [US] government.”

From The Conservative Voice

Note: Per a newscast, when you add in the illegals in Maywood, the real population becomes around 47,000 or more!

Something's Wrong With Immigration Protests

THE city of Maywood - a 1.2-square-mile town with an official population of just over 28,000 about eight miles south of downtown Los Angeles - is a pocket for illegal immigrants, lauded by immigrant advocates and decried by detractors. In this 96 percent Hispanic town, signs advising pedestrians to use crosswalks are printed in Spanish and English, and many storefronts' signs are in Spanish as well. The last census says 55 percent of residents are foreign-born, and 92 percent speak a language other than English at home.

Earlier this year, the Maywood City Council passed a resolution opposing the Sensenbrenner immigration bill after it passed in the House, and the town was designated the first "sanctuary city" in the state. The city also nixed police checkpoints so as not to net illegal immigrants without driver's licenses, and disbanded its traffic division for the same reason.

On Saturday, Save Our State showed up to protest that policy in front of Maywood City Hall, numbering several dozen with "Don't tread on me" and American flags. "Not anti-Hispanic, anti-illegal alien," read one sign; "Maywood is part of the U.S. and its elected officials need to act accordingly," read another. One man held a small sign that read "traitors," and the group was fronted by a banner championing Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo for president. ("Tancredo? Who's that?" a confused counter-demonstrator asked me.)

And if immigration proponents have been trying to pass off reconquista claims - the belief that immigrants want to take back "Aztlan" - as paranoid, these protesters weren't helping. One sign proclaimed "Stolen continent" - yet displayed two continents, North and South America. "White racists this is our continent" read one sign. Another said, "We will never live in peace until we get the European squatters off our lands."

Some wearing lucha libre masks and some with bandannas obscuring their faces, counter-protesters tried to get close to the SOS demonstrators by cutting down side streets leading to Slauson, and were angry when the cops were already there. Others manned the front lines with signs depicting Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Nazi, chanting "Minutemen! Resist! They're the real terrorists."

Toward the end of the counter-demonstration, those protesters raised the Mexican flag on the pole in front of the U.S. Post Office. Don Silva of SOS said one woman with his group was assaulted while trying to move through the opposition crowd, and some of their cars had tires slashed and were vandalized.

But when you have virulent protests that include a pre-teen boy yelling "f- that white b-" at a passing fair-skinned woman - me - something is seriously wrong. Especially when it comes from the side holding a banner that proclaimed "Say NO to racism."

Bridget Johnson writes for the Daily News. E-mail her at

Click here to read more:

Or click here:

From LA Daily News

Note: Sites / Links / Videos below and
throughout this post may contain profanity.


Maywood, California Saturday, August 26, 2006

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Americans Attacked at Maywood Protest

I attended Save Our State’s protest of the illegal alien sanctuary city of Maywood today. I had to leave early because of work but I’ll post some video in a few days.

At least two female Patriots were roughed up pretty good and many other Americans were spit on.

Four cars driven to the protest by SOS members were vandalized. They were keyed, their tires were slashed, their windows smashed in, and they were spray painted with the words F*** ***.

Illegal aliens jumped the fence surrounding the post office and took down the American flag and hoisted up the ******* *** (flag) of Mexico.

The local media reported that there were “no incidents.”

For first hand accounts, photos and video check out these SOS threads:

(Includes picture of Mexican flag atop Maywood, CA flagpole at post office

"Sheesh...the more I look at about a hostile standoff between two nations. And on American soil!!! Can anyone, even the most bleedingheart, look at that and not see whats going on? One side, plants the American and Californian flag on the street and recites patriotic songs. The other side tears down an American flag on Federal property, and puts up a flag of their foreign nation, holding signs and chanting that this land belongs to them. How can anyone still deny that an invasion is underway???"

I had to go into the office today to get some reports and paperwork done for a meeting Monday, however, I did drive by around 1pm ish and the street was blocked off at Atlantic.

I made a right and zig zagged my way through the narrow streets.
I drove East on 58th between Pine and Atlantic and I saw a Hispanic male and female throwing eggs and squirting mustard on a Orange early model SUV, they saw me and I picked up my phone and called MWPD, and reported the incident, 3.5 hours later, I am still awaiting their call.

I told the Cadets, an officer standing by and he was like oh well, we are all busy today, call 911.

I reconize the vehicle from the Laguna Rallies, if anyone knows whom he is, please PM me as I saw the ********.

I also saw a Nissan Alterra with black paint on the doors that said "F*** ***" sorry I did not see who did that.

Maywood is like Mexico, if not worse than TJ. Hope you all made it out safely....

From Immigration Watchdog

Note: These links have profanity.

Maywood, City of Lawlessness: (Lots of pics here)

Or click here:

From Save Our State, (SOS)

Note: The link below contains profanity.

Protest the Lawless City of Maywood (More pics here):

Or click here:

From Save Our State, (SOS)

Note: The link below contains profanity

Cops Comment on Maywood Protest

Posted by The Watchdog - August 28th, 2006
These comments were posted on the Save Our State forum.

From Immigration Watchdog

Maywood Stops the Invasion
by Leslie Radford Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 at 2:58 AM

Residents of Maywood team up with area protestors to defend their city and drive Save Our State out.

MAYWOOD, CA, 26 August 2006--Maywood handily fought off an invasion today, as the minuteman-style group Save Our State tried to force its message of rejection and hate on the small suburb on the southeast edge of Los Angeles. Five hundred people lined the barricades along the city's main street to face off against fifty SOS members behind barricades a hundred feet away.

The 28,000 residents of Maywood – a small town of just over one mile square that proudly proclaims itself 96% Hispanic – are experienced at defending themselves from oppression. The "Maywood revolution" began last fall, when residents rose up against their police chief, who routinely had used roadblocks to confiscate the vehicles of undocumented immigrants and sell the cars for public revenue. Maywoodians threw out their city council and mayor in the November elections, an election in which nearly 100% of eligible voters cast ballots, and replaced them with representatives who promptly disbanded the police traffic division, demanded an audit of LAUSD, denounced the Sensenbrenner anti-immigrant resolution, endorsed drivers licenses for all residents, and proclaimed Maywood a sanctuary city, where the police would no longer check immigration or citizenship status.

SOS members, who had declared Maywood a "lawless" city and called it "the belly of the beast," armed themselves with signs declaring immigrants "sinners" and flaunting the racist senator Tancredo for President. Like minutemen on the border who scoff at law enforcement procedures in their pursuit of immigrants, SOS proved themselves no respecters of the Maywood's electoral and legislative processes.

Maywood city council and residents began organizing three weeks ago, on the heels of the announcement of the SOS plan to invade their town, and they welcomed allies from Latino, Indigenous, socialist, anarchist, and anti-racists groups from across greater L.A. By 11:00 a.m. both sides were lined up, and the chanting and shouting had begun. Maywood residents got down to business – the business of ejecting SOS – with gritty determination. At a church nearby, the Mayor and council members signed up people to vote and file for citizenship.

Note: This link has pictures of the Mexican flag raised
at the Maywood, California post office with this title:

"the victory for the flag"

by Leslie Radford Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 at 2:58 AM

Note: These links to have profanity.

Read more of this article and view pictures of the SOS protest / counterprotest:

Or click here:

From Los Angeles Indy Media

(Note: I urge you to go to and check out the main page as well as all links on left side menu. There is much posted there, including posts and pics about this protest. This site is totally PRO ILLEGAL ALIENS! The site is full of profanity, however.)

Note: The link below may have profanity

"Just got back from dropping Kele off. She is badly shaken and unfortunately cannot seek medical care because she does not have insurance. Of course all of the lowlife ******* illegals get access to all of the medical care they want.

I am numb right now.

I arrived with Kele, PD, LetFreedomRing and Josh. We could not find a safe place to park and wound up parking on the opposite side of Slauson. When we rounded the corner we were immediately surrounded by the opposition who started screaming "Death to the Minutemen". It was all very surreal after that. PD and myself became separated from Kele and LFR. It was as if the crown just swallowed them up. We backtracked and tried find a different way to get in and the poilce kept refusing to let us through. They told us the only way in would be to walk through the opposition. We tried to explain to them that it was dangerous for us to do that, but this particular officer really did not seem to care. PD called Don who had the sgt radio the officer who was refusing to let us by and they finally escorted us through. It felt so good to see all of our SOS buddies after spending 45 minutes trying to get there safely.

The opposition not only attacked Kele they also attacked an elderly Minuteman. Nice culture.

Captain Valor and Sandinator I am so sorry that your cars were vandalized. We need to start organizing another Maywood protest NOW. The lawlessness there is mind boggling."

Lots more pics from the protest - plus more pics further down the page:

Or click here:

"CBS Report complete with the same old "honest worker" theme.

(Note: Do a search for Maywood in search box at above link and 4 videos will come up.)

& of course you guessed it, no mention of the two attacks & vandalized vehicles.

Check out how Linda Alvarez makes a point of the numbers. Is she a Reconquista?"
(From link below):

Note: The link below has profanity.

This link is full of huge pics from the protest:

Or click here:

From Save Our State (SOS)

Note: The links below may contain profanity.

Anti-Illegal Alien Playlist - YouTube

Alien Invasion Vids

Videos of Truth
Downtown Los Angeles
Ted Hayes, MinutemanProject & Save Our State - Los Angeles California
March 5 2006

San Fernando Valley
Illegal ALIENS & open border morons stepping on an American's right to free speech - Save Our State @ Glendale Home Depot
Jan 2006

Note: The links below may have profanity.
Here's a little background information that led up to this protest, which led to the Mexican flag being raised at the Maywood, CA post office:

Protest the lawless City of Maywood- Sat. Aug 26th, 11am-2pm.

Protest the face of all evil.

As most of us know, the City of Maywood (who?), just South East of Down Town L.A., has made the news over and over recently because of their outrageous actions having to do with decrying illegal immigration laws.

They have brazenly declared them self a 'sanctuary city' for illegal aliens, spitting in the face of the law that they swore an oath to uphold. This put the tiny city on the map with the media, being so over the top.

To add insult to injury, they openly declare their support of SB 60, yet another one bill Gil Cedio piece of 'legislation' that would reward Foreign Nationals that are here illegally with drivers licences.;subSec=news

To top it all off, they have went out of their way to draft a meaningless resolution AGAINST HR 4437, thus showing their COMPLETE contempt for the rule of law.;subSec=news

Further down the page:
This is the city that fired its traffic division for giving to many tickets to illegals for driving with no licenses and insurance.

More here:

Or click here:

From Save Our State (SOS)

Audio of Maywood, CA Mayor on Radio Show

Thomas Martin, Maywood Mayor 01/25/06 10:33

The city council in Maywood, California doesn't like the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that passed the House of Representative last year. So they held a press conference rejecting it, implying that they would ignore it should it become law. John & Ken had the Mayor on to get him to officially admit that he was trying to establish a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

More here:

From Save Our State (SOS)

Protest crash: Maywood, sanctuary city for illegal immigrants
By Bridget Johnson

I had a thought on Saturday when I was standing in the middle of a screaming, bottle-throwing group countering the SOS (Save Our State) protesters outside Maywood City Hall, just south of downtown L.A., staring down cops in riot gear: If my career continues to go well my beloved protest-crashing days may be numbered (sniff), as some of these ornery folks recognizing me could result in some trying to beat the tar out of me.

Here’s the scene: SOS is peeved about Maywood’s flouting of federal immigration law, claiming they are a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and even disbanding their police department’s traffic unit so that illegals without driver’s licenses won’t be fearful of getting their cars towed. Several dozen show up to protest this policy. Lefty groups spread the word and a few hundred show up to counterprotest.

Click here to read more and to see pictures:

posted by Vetzine


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