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Thursday, August 31, 2006

June Griffin

June Griffin

June Griffin arrested for taking down Mexican Flag in Dayton, Tennessee

June's website:

Contact June Griffin at

Courtwatchers needed for this case in TN, probably in February, 2007.

Post your opinions on this case at sites listed below.

June Griffin Pleads Not Guilty On Stealing Mexican Flag

posted August 11, 2006

Conservative political activist June Griffin on Friday morning pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing a Mexican flag from a Dayton business.

She is facing misdemeanor charges of theft, vandalism and harassment and felony charges of civil rights violations.

The charges carry up to four years in prison. The trial could be held in February.

She said she was outraged by the flying of the flag, saying it was "an act of war."

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Note: I e-mailed June for her story and this is what she e-mailed back to me on August 30, 2006, in her own words:

The following could be used if you like. There is a lot of information by googling in June Griffin, they tell me.

Here is an email which may be used.

Thanks again, and have the people pray for me.

June Griffin
For God and Country
Not Guilty by Reason of Patriotism

To Whom It May Concern:
Submitted August 30, 2006

After the Rhea County Commission meeting the 18th of July, I was travelling toward home from the meeting and passed the latest innovation to the city of Dayton - a Mexican grocery store. Plastered with Spanish and having a Mexican flag stuck on the back window, it ired me to see that there was such a monstrosity right in the heart of our little town.

I went into the store and a young man sat there and could speak no American at all. Seeing this effrontery and being unable to communicate with him, I tore it off the door and left. Of all the nerve! It was not stolen; it was an act of war! I have no respect for this kind of force.

The next day or two I saw they had put up another, LARGER one in the front window. I went to a lot of trouble calling the property assessor's office to see who owned this business, which was formerly Roger's Drug Store. I was finally given the name of a Mexican and calling this number, heard one which I assumed was a Mexican speaking Spanish answer the machine with some unintelligible message. I then said in so many English words that I didn't appreciate their having a Mexican flag in downtown Dayton and asked them to remove it. And if they couldn't speak English to leave,or words to that effect.

On July 22, I went to Morristown in Hamblen County, Tennessee, to address a rally of citizens at the VFW Building. This rally had come about as a result of a previous rally there. The circumstances are chilling in light of Tennessee's great God-fearing and righteous heritage. Tom Lowe, Commissioner of Hamblen County, had called a rally at their Court House to show the people what illegals were costing the County. The crowd was large and responsive to this outrage. However, that rally was interrupted by a huge intervention by local officers with the help of the Tennessee Highway Patrol who hovered the meeting with helicopters, SWAT teams, and other paraphernalia of interruption. One disabled American veteran, Ted Ray Mitchell, was actually arrested for carrying an American flag on a pole, because authorities claimed that the pole was a potentially 'dangerous weapon'!!! H goes to trial in September. This disgraceful conduct which included tazering this patriotic American resulted in a SECOND rally at the VFW building in Morristown where I was invited to address 81 citizens.

At the July 22 rally, I used the Mexican flag which I removed from its insulting place of prominence and told the crowd that THIS was NOT our American flag. I received three standing ovations during this meeting and give all glory to God for His blessing.

A day or two later, I had a call from the City Police Officer who asked me if I was the one who removed the flag. I said yes. He then said words which I value more than much silver - he said, "I knew you would tell me the truth." Where in this vain and wicked age can you find people whose word is their bond and the police officer would say, "I knew you would tell me the truth." It was a special blessing.

At any rate, days went by until today, August 8, 2006, I received a call from Chief of Police Chris Sneed who told me there was an arrest warrant waiting for me at the jail and I needed to come down and sign some papers. The papers included booking me for theft, vandalism and violation of civil rights (!). After I was fingerprinted, I was allowed to bond out on a $5,000 bond and put down $512.00 to save me from jail. Based on my good reputation as a citizen, I should have been released on my own recognizance, nevertheless that is the case.

The hearing is today. It is an honor to suffer for your country's sake, even if it is in a Culture War and an insidious invasion by people who think we are helpless little pigs who have no defender. They are wrong. I have a Great Defender. His Name is Jesus Christ the Righteous, the One Who was with Daniel in the lion's den, and the One Who stood by Charles Finney and a thousand hosts of preachers and Christians who have been persecuted for righteousness' sake.

If there is anyone out there who knows how to reach the Mexican Consulate, would you be so kind as to send this to him for me.

August 8, 2006


Of all the nerve, your people come into our town, speak Spanish, put up their alien flags and expect us to take it laying down.

If all the officials are cowards, if all the businessmen are lawless capitalists, and all the people helpless under cowardly, unpatriotic leadership, I will do what I can as one individual to show my displeasure and love of my country.

You can be sure the inactivity on the part of veterans and patriots is no sign of love for your effrontery or that their hearts are not grieved and broken. They just wait for the Lord to execute His Wrath as He did in avenging the death of Davy Crockett.

With God's Help, we won.

For God and Country,
June Griffin

Learn From June Griffin, Don't Arrest Her - And Replies

posted August 9, 2006

Instead of arresting June Griffin, government officials should take
lessons from her. This is America - not a foreign country whose flag
should fly freely.

This reminds me of a joke that made the Internet rounds a few years back
about a German plane that was trying to land in Germany. The air traffic
controller was English and demanded the pilot speak English. The German
pilot responded back that he was German and flying in Germany and so he should be able to speak German. The English controller replied that they lost the war so therefore he must speak English.

Has America lost a war that we were not told about? Is this why we must press one for English and pay extra for Spanish to be spoken by teachers? Is this why proud American citizens are arrested for removing a foreign flag?

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Monday, 08/14/06

State briefs: Activist takes Mexican flag, pleads not guilty

June Griffin, an advocate of Ten Commandments displays and a frequent political candidate, has pleaded not guilty to civil rights, vandalism and theft charges after a Hispanic grocery store owner said she stole a Mexican flag.

Griffin has said she took the flag because public officials refused to act on her requests to restrict displays of flags to only American flags. She said she took the Mexican flag to a rally she attended and later gave it to police.

Griffin, 67, pleaded not guilty to charges of civil rights intimidation, phone harassment, theft under $500 and vandalism at a hearing in Rhea County circuit court on Friday.

She waived her right to an attorney and said she would represent herself in future court proceedings.

"I don't think lawyers are versed on First Amendment rights," Griffin said afterward. She also held a red, white and green flag in her arms with the words "Remember the Alamo 1824" and said she would defend her right to free speech.

Griffin has said she plans to go to trial. If convicted on all charges, she could face five years in jail.


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From Dayton, TN News on

Here's an article written by June:


By June Griffin

August, 2006

Sweetwater, Tennessee - Local men doing what local men have always done - trading knives and guns at the flea market. Arrested by BATF agents who want to justify their jobs by making easy pickins' of good citizens (too dangerous to arrest crooks). These citizens' houses are raided, their family gun collections confiscated, their lives ruined. The Sheriff could have stopped this.

Scottsboro, Alabama - Same sorry situation.

Morristown, Tennessee - Local disabled veteran carries an American flag to a Rally to protest the financial burden that illegal aliens are putting on the local citizens. The Rally was surrounded with State helicopters, SWAT teams, and other official paraphernalia intended to intimidate these good citizens. He is arrested for carrying an American flag on a pole, which it is claimed could be a "weapon." He faces possible jail time and fines. The Sheriff could have stopped this.

New London, Connecticut - A prominent family loses their home to "eminent domain" intrusions into private property ownership. The Sheriff could have stopped this.

For more, click here.

From The People News, a free newspaper serving Cleveland and Bradley County, Tennessee - see

More from The People News on another matter, below.

Bradley County, TN
Sheriff's Office Targeted For Investigation

Wisconsin Newspaper Requests Investigation for Violation of
Civil Rights and Immigration Law

By Pete Edwards

Posted August, 2006

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Spanish newspaper El Conquistador, has asked
US Attorney, James R. Dedrick to conduct an investigation to the possible violation of Civil Rights by the Bradley County Sheriff's Department, and whether Bradley County Deputy Sheriff Shane McKee should face federal charges for violating Civil Rights and acting as a federal agent of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement when he is not authorized to do so under federal law.

The request was made because the newspaper said that Deputy McKee lacked "Probable Cause" to ask Wenceslao Garcia, a resident of Wisconsin, if he was a US citizen after being stooped on Interstate 75 for a May 13 traffic violation. The newspaper said that Garcia had supplied Deputy McKee with a valid Wisconsin drivers license and other documents but refused to answer after he was asked if he was a US citizen. After Garcia refused to answer, McKee called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the scene where Garcia was taken into custody and later deported.

The El Conquistador newspaper also notified the FBI of its request for an investigation.

Also, you may take the survey listed on the left side of this page:
Would you support a change in the law to allow any sworn law enforcement officer to ascertain the legal status of those stopped for any violation, traffic or otherwise. YES or NO

For more, click here:

What do you think?

editorial for The People by Pete Edwards

Who does the US Constitution protect?

Posted August, 2006

On the front page of this issue is a story that hits at the heart of US sovereignty and exposes this country to social and legal ramifications that could change the way Americans view immigration. Rather than protect immigrants from profiling and unnecessary harassment, it could cause a backlash resulting in a lock-down of US borders and the deportation of anyone who could not prove legal residence or entry.

Since 911, immigration, and especially illegal immigration has become a focal point to the security of the United States and the war on homeland terrorism. Americans in general are demanding tighter border security and the tracking of illegal and undocumented aliens so they can be sent home. It is mainstream America that is demanding this change not some neo-nazi group - ordinary Americans concerned for continued prosperity and safety. The story on page one does nothing to calm people's fears or encourage acceptance of legal immigrant or migrant workers.

H. Nelson Goodson, is Managing Editor of El Conquistador, a newspaper catering to the Hispanic community in Milwaukee. Goodson does in all likelihood sincerely believe he is being a guardian of fairness and justice for Hispanics everywhere, but his writings and demands for retribution against the Bradley County Sheriff's Department and Officer Shane McKee may not produce the effect he desires.

For more, click here:

If you would like to take part in an online survey that asks the question: "Would you support a change in the law to allow any sworn law enforcement officer to ascertain the legal status of those stopped for any violation, traffic or otherwise." Go to The Yes or No survey can be found on the left-hand side of the Home Page.

From The People News - see

posted by Vetzine


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