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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

North American Union VIDEOS From TV News

June 21, 2006 CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" Video and Transcript +

"Lou Dobbs Tonight" 2005 VIDEO +

More Videos on this matter +

Read the documents from the creators of this diabolical plan!

From "Lou Dobbs Tonight" of June 21, 2006

The CNN video segment at (Dobbs 2006) has been removed,
and so we would like to provide you with a transcript of this segment from CNN's website, where a transcript of the whole show is still on file, as well as the first time we saw Lou Dobbs mention this issue, in 2005.

That 2005 clip can be found here:.

The notes below are quoted verbatim from CNN's transcript of the June 21, 2006 show, and reflect all that was said during this segment of the show.

Read the transcript here:

From Chuck Baldwin Live

Note from Vetzine: The video from Lou Dobbs Tonight of June 21, 2006 is up as of now.

Here is the video which goes along with the transcript at the link below:

Read the transcript here: )

Watch more videos on this subject:

Here's the link again to the June 21, 2006 Lou Dobbs North American Union video:

There are lots of other videos about this subject. See the right side of the page at the link above.

Here are more links to the same video:

See right side of the above pages for related videos.

Another video:

North American Union Spells Political Treason

Canadian Action Party says this is bad news for Canada. It spells the end of Canada!
Connie Fogal trys to warn Canadians.

The enemy: Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
enemy 2: Canadian Council of Chief Exectutives (CCCE)
enemy 3: Consejo Mexicano de Ansuntos Internacionales

This video is about 2 minutes long:

Watch a more in-depth 18 minute video at the link below.

Description of 18 minute video:
Canadian Action Party says this is bad news for Canada. It spells the end of Canada!
Connie Fogal trys to warn Canadians.

by Connie Fogal television message|Video (18 min.)
Our government is subjecting us to absorption into the USA. Some call it deep integration. Others call it continentalism. This process has been going on for decades economically, under the FTA and NAFTA. Today it has moved well beyond economic integration, into the military system, the judicial system, policing, our legal apparatus - the very core of Canadian social structure. At what point will the Canada we value be gone and Canadians wake up to find themselves the captives of a US police state? Leader's message

Find out more at
This is a site worth checking out!

Note: The following phrase and source are talked about in the
Lou Dobbs' CNN video from 2005, (mentioned above):

"Building a North American Community"
Source: "Independent Task Force on the Future of North America".

Here's the Google search results on both terms:

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 563 for
"Building a North American Community"
"Independent Task Force on the Future of North America":

More Google search results:

Results 1 - 10 of about 24,000 for "Building a North American Community":

Results 1 - 10 of about 596 for "Independent Task Force on the Future of North America".

For more on this subject,
check out more Google searches:

Results 1 - 10 of about 84,800 for
"Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America":


and check this out:

Results 1 - 10 of about 38,000 for "North American Union" SPP:

He Who Demands Your Rights
Aims To Take Your Security

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