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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Republican Guest Suggests Implementing
"Universal Service" to "Put Us On a War Footing"

Reported by Marie Therese - August 24, 2006

William Cohen, a Republican and former Secretary of Defense under Clinton,
appeared on this morning's FOX & Friends First.

WILLIAM COHEN: "... What we need in this war against terror - which I would prefer to call it (sic) 'a long twilight struggle' to use John Kennedy's phrase - a long twilight struggle against terrorism - you need better intelligence, better police work, covert activity, special forces, if necessary, ultimately military. But it's going to be through police work and the sharing of intelligence, that we'll be able to help defend us against attacks which are inevitably going to come."

BRIAN KILMEADE: "Hey, Mr. Secretary, finally, do you think in the next ten years we're going to be looking at some type of draft because we seem to need - have so many conflicts to cover?"

WILLIAM COHEN: "I'm not sure there'll be a draft. I think there should be a commitment to universal service. I think that only a few people are really committed to this war against terrorism and called. I think the American people have to be - understand - that we're all in this together. We ought to have a real call to national service to commit ourselves to some form of public service ...."

COHEN: "... helping out at homes, health care, nurses, etc. But something has to be done ..."

KILMEADE: "Something's got to be done."

COHEN: "... to put us on a war footing mentality. We're not there."

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