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Thursday, April 12, 2007

1984 All Over Again

Well, folks, pull out your old copies of the movie l984 made in l956 and take note of just how prophetic it was. Does the Dept. of Peace ring a bell for you? In the movie it was a mind-control torture prison (or was it the Dept. of Love instead?) where people were sent to have their thinking changed after being caught committing a thought crime against the state. If you take the time to read this bill, it will make your hair stand on end if you can get past the warm and fuzzy sound of the words. The amount of unaccountable bureaucracy it adds to our Federal Government is staggering. If anyone wants a copy of the Hollywood film l984, just let me know. Patricia

US Department of Peace Proposed
Campaign Overview

Congressman John Conyers meets with a group of MI activists
at our recent conference in D.C.and gets them pumped up!

There is currently a bill (HR 808, submitted by Dennis Kucinich) before the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a United States Department of Peace and NonViolence. This historic measure will augment our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the problems of domestic and international conflict.

The legislation will pass from bill to law under one condition: that a wave of citizen interest rise up from the American people and make itself heard in the halls of Congress. Read on to see how you can help..


Talking Points
A thorough overview of the Department of Peace legislation in bulleted talking points.
Key Highlights
Highlights of the bills and talking points. Current policy-making tends toward reactive, not proactive approaches to violence reduction. The United States should be as effective in addressing the sources of violence as we are effective in addressing its symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about a Department of Peace legislation and our campaign. Good answers to help better articulate the need for this broad-scale approach to dealing with violence.
PowerPoint Presentation
Here's a PowerPoint slide show suitable for presenting to groups which explains the campaign to create a Department of Peace.


A Strategy for the Dept. of Peace to Enhance National Security
The overarching strategy aims to enhance global and domestic security by building and nurturing strong civil society, thereby establishing an environment of healthy and vibrant communities where human needs can be met as the rule rather than the exception. By Howard Rosenberg

The Peace Alliance is a nonpartisan citizen action organization advocating for legislation that supports a culture of peace. We work to foster positive, proactive change toward the creation of a more nonviolent and peaceful world.

The Peace Alliance is spearheading the national campaign to establish a United States Department of Peace. We have citizen organizers active in all 50 states. Click here to find out how you can become involved in your community.

Campaign and Organizational History

The Department of Peace effort was launched in April of 2003. We launched officially in Washington D.C. with our first Department of Peace Conference in conjunction with the second introduction of the bill into the 108th congress on April 8th, 2003.

The campaign was originally organized under the Global Renaissance Alliance (now called The Peace Alliance Foundation ), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by our current Chair of the board of directors, Marianne Williamson. The Peace Alliance, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization and sister to the Foundation, was founded in May of 2004 and further organized the U.S. Department of Peace Campaign.

It is with the help of thousands of citizen activists that we have taken this campaign from a beautiful idea into a political reality. Together we are building the foundation and infrastructure for a more peaceful nation and world.

The actual bill HR 808

Zogby Poll: Americans Favor Rehabilitation
National survey by Zogby International reveals "striking support" for rehabilitation both in and after prison.

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