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Monday, April 09, 2007

Bushland Heroes Nab Petulant 6 Yr Tot
Making The World Safe For Democracy
One Kid At A Time

Highlands Today > News
AP Police Arrest 6-Year-Old Girl
By Joe Seelig of Highlands Today

Published: March 31, 2007

AVON PARK — A 6-year-old girl was in the custody of her mother Friday after the Avon Park Police Department escorted the girl in hancuffs from Avon Elementary Vetzine School to the Highlands County Jail on charges relating to battery of a school employee.

It was 10:59 a.m. Wednesday when police officer Tamara L. Neale reported she was called to 705 Winthrop St., on a call about a disruptive student
Vetzine Note ... Hauled to Jail on Wednsday morning on 1 count of Felony and 2 misdemeanor bailed out on Friday? Must have taken a while to raise big bail money?
She was charged with disruption of a school function, battery on a school employee and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.
A court date has been set, but the date is listed as confidential, according to the jail central records.
Vetzine Note ... Secret Trials are so cool these days, just like GITMO [MORE]

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