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Thursday, April 26, 2007

CANMEXUS Truck Out Blackout

Reposted from the Rollye James Website

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THURSDAY APRIL 26, 2007 12:15 AM (PT) This past week there's been a rally in DC. Maybe you heard about it from a talk show host who was there. You certainly didn't see it on major media news. Now had this been a pro-illegal alien rally, it would have been blanketed everywhere. There was a truck rally too. And that got no coverage. But then again, it got no traction since the police effectively stopped people from their constitutional right to protest. What happened, tonight at 10 ET / 7 PT.

The organizer of the truck rally is Wanda Piety. You probably heard Frosty Woolridge and I talk about it last week. Wanda joins me tonight to tell you the rest of the story and what's planned for the future. Check out

And while I'm giving you links, don't forget to visit Peter Chowka's site, Peter is the top investigative journalist when it comes to alternative medicine, and as we were discussing on the air, most alternative practioners have sold out. Some for the money-- the government will include them in their programs. Some for the ego-- the government is finally recognizing them. And then there's the sorry truth that many of them are socialists at heart so the thought of government health care resonates in their dark little hearts .

Whatever, the bottom line is the government wants to sweep alternative medicine into the program that will provide cradle to grave care for all. What that means, is that they'll control the whole pot and decide what you will get and when you will get it, if you will get it. Your right to choose your choice of health care will be drastically limited, and the alternative medicine field which once was up in arms is now largely on board. And then there's the infighting among alt. med. folks, which in part is what led to the disinformation that's been circulating. When you read the next entry, don't fret it. It's not imminent after all. Incrementalism works much more effectively.

Real bottom line is the price you will pay will not be measured in dollars. The currency will be your freedom of health care decisions, which is more than anybody should have to bear. Don't believe it? Look what the government is already doing when it comes to children. Parents are not allowed free choice. And look what the results of disallowed Medicare proceedures yield. You think it will be different when everyone is in the system? You might be right. It will be worse.

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