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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gvt Grub Grab

NAIS is the Globist effort to control you by controlling your food.
The Globs brag that they will control food, "from farm gate to dinner plate"
by inserting RFID Tracker Tracer Spy Chips in all farm animals and placing
all farms and farmers in a humongous Spybase.

From Doreen in Missouri:

This is a MAJOR week in the Missouri Senate. Our bill, SB 428 on the NAIS is most likely going to come to the floor this week or early next week. Please follow the link below and contact every senator, and ask them to please vote yes on SB 428. Be polite, concise and let them know that this is probably the most important legislation for all citizens of the state of Missouri. We must get positive action on this bill in this session. Senators Purgason and Shoemyer have introduced the same legislation and need only a “Thank you” from us on this bill.

You can reach Missouri state legislators on line at the MO Gov site. Send them email and if at all possible call them as that is even stronger. They need to hear from you!

Learn more at

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