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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Show Them The Law!!!

Ed & Elaine Brown
401 Center of Town Road
Plainfield, New Hampshire 03781

Ed and Elaine Brown have agreed, from the beginning, to pay ALL taxes that they owe. They have sworn in court that if the government simply shows them the law that requires them to pay an "Income Tax," they would pay all owed taxes with penalties and interest. The government has yet to show the law. The government simply says, "you must pay, because we say so," and "if you don't pay, we will throw you in jail and take all that you own."

THIS IS TYRANNY!!! If a law exists that requires the everyday average American working in the private sector in the numerous states to pay an "Income Tax," why can't the government show that law? When asked, they will never tell.

You can help out today:

Ed and Elaine ask that you let people know it's time. Let them know about our new project. Give them the link to this site. Get involved and MAKE THE STAND TODAY!!!

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