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Friday, May 18, 2007

Get Gvt. Greedsters Out Of Your Kitchen

MO Calls Needed
From David & Doreen in Missouri:

Urgent!! Your phone calls are needed!!

Your phone calls are needed! The Missouri Department of Agriculture has met with the opponents to NAIS and have worked out the language necessary for them to do their job and for anti-NAISers to get what we need. They still want the authority to implement NAIS but we told them “no”. What we need now is to put pressure on the Governor Matt Blunt (573) 751-3222, Speaker of the House, Ron Jetton (573) 751-5912, the Speaker Pro Tem Carl Bearden (573) 751-2949, Maj. Floor Leader Tom Dempsey (573) 573-1141, Assist. Maj. Floor Leader Tom Self (573) 751-3971 and Majority Whip Brian Nieves (573) 751-0549. These leaders absolutely have the authority to force this bill onto the House Floor for vote. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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