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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Get It, Pass It On
Reposted from Intense Grid at
Intense Grid

A node in the network of Truth seekers reguarding 911
Here are some iso's of some CDs that I made up to get the word out. They are each a collection of freely available avi, flv, and, mp3 files, mplayer for Windows, and an Autorun.inf to kick it all off. Download the .iso files and burn the image to a CDROM. When the CDROM is put into a Windows98 or better PC, the mplayer starts up from the CD, and plays the videos. It does not install anything on your PC, but you can install mplayer from the CD just by draging the mplayer folder to any location on your PC. See MPlayer_Instructions.txt for more details.

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