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Monday, July 23, 2007

Police State
Scott Faul Remains In Prison
On Bogus Charges

Posted July 19, 2007

“On the afternoon of February 13, 1983, minutes after departing a community meeting at Medina’s Meical Clinic, Vernon Wegner, David Broer, Gordon Kahl, Yorie Kahl and myself were ambushed by unidentified assailants dressed in civilian clothing and driving unmarked vehicles. The assailants, four U.S. Marshals and two State Officers, delivering a barrage of assaults and un-published death threats, initiated a confrontation which erupted in gunfire. After being shot at by my attackers, I defended my life against pistol, shotgun and rifle fire that was focused upon me.

This attack against third party bystanders and myself resulted in the death of two marshals, the near death of Yorie Kahl and the less serious wounding of three others. Skewed government generated reports were quickly and steadily publicized through the media, spreading false claims against myself and others.

My friends and I were quickly indicted for a host of charges including first degree murder, assault, harboring, aiding and abetting and conspiracy to assault our attackers. Prior to our trial, my codefendants and I pleaded with U.S. District Judge Paul Benson that we could not get a fair trial anywhere in the state, let alone in his courtroom, due to the extensive biased media coverage and because of Judge Benson’s personal relationship with the deceased marshals. Ignoring our arguments, Benson ordered the trial to proceed.” - Scott Faul


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