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Friday, September 28, 2007


Police State
Bushland Hero Breaks Child's Arm

School Guards Break Child's Arm And Arrest Her For Dropping Cake
Steve Watson
Friday, Sept 28, 2007

School security guards in Palmdale, CA have been caught on camera assaulting a 16-year-old girl and breaking her arm after she spilled some cake during lunch and left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning it up.

he incident occurred last week at Knight High School in Palmdale and was caught on a cell phone camera by another pupil who was then also assaulted by the security guards.

Watch video of the incident HERE and HERE
... the security guards later had the mother of the girl arrested after she sought out an attorney and demanded that the guard be arrested,...
The school expelled Pleajhai for five days before then having her arrested for battery and for littering (the dropping of the cake). Then they had the pupil who captured the video arrested along with his sister who was merely present at the scene.
Knight High School in Palmdale
Phone 661 533-9000
Fax: 661 533-0111
37423 70th St E, Palmdale, CA
Susan McDougal

Karen Mobilia-Jones
Assistant Pricipal
Terri Giacone
Secretary - Terri Giacone
Phone: (661) 533-9000 ext. 189

Glen Darbeau
Vice Principal
Ana Higuera
Phone: (661) 533-9000 ext. 356

Deputy Sheriff
Eric Riddle

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