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Monday, September 17, 2007

CANMEXUS Police State Exposed
On Radio Tonight

Reposted from the Rollye James Radio Show Website

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2007 12:01 AM PT You knew that the drive to legalize millions of illegals in America did not end with the defeat of comprehensive immigration reform. And you probably heard that it would be snuck into other bills, a bit at a time. Well more than a bit is being inserted into a defense bill in the House this week. Dick Durbin is trying to get his Dream Act into law without you knowing. Amnesty? You bet. In state tuition for illegals? It's in there. All the details tonight at 10 ET / 7 PT.

Want a glimpse of it? click here. And if you'd like to be more outraged, how about the new rules that says it's OK to taser citizens but not illegals? Click here for that one. Maybe it'll make you want to renounce your citizenship. You've probably never thought about that seriously, much like the parents of Junior High School students in California who were shocked to see their kids come home with a letter from a teacher asking them to sign consent to do just that. All a misunderstanding? Click here and you decide. Talk to you tonight.

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